The Talking Stick in Native American culture is a symbol of respect, trust and wisdom. It was used in relationships between two people, or during meetings. The holder of the Talking Stick spoke from the heart, believing that all others would listen without interruption.

We at Signature Resource Group, in keeping with our heritage as a Native American owned company, have adopted the Talking Stick as our symbol of respect for our clients. We remain very respectful of our past, all the while learning from this past to help shape the future.

Native Americans have historically been resourceful groups. We've embraced this spirit within our own organization to provide our clients with a diverse range of resources and services. These services span:

Commercial Furniture Sales
Artwork and Accessory Selection and Installation
Warehousing, Delivery and Installation Services
Interior Design Services
Move Management

But resourcefulness and creativity alone do not yield success. We, as were our ancestors, are proud of the work we do. And it is this pride, and commitment to understanding, and listening that bring positive results. Because in the end, we know that the job will be one on which we are proud to place our Signature.


Carolinas Minority Supplier Development Councils, Inc.